Whether you plan a new entry and penetrate a market or an unprecedented expansion, we accompany you in any business adventure, taking care of the details and planing, allowing you to keep your focus on the core business and customers!

Research and market scanning

commissioning and completing relevant market research studies to depict the accurate local, regional or national realities in all retail real estate spectra : location analysis, consumer profiling, tenant mix evaluation, long term viability assessment, expansion/ contraction opportunities.

Strategic Asset Planning

to optimize value and facilitate quality investment decisions based on an assessment of the retail asset value, including incorporating functions such as asset positioning, tenant mix, capital expenditure, common area maintenance, lease management, strategic, and casual marketing among others.

Feasibility analyses

portfolio reviewing, performance projecting and business forecast planning

Property acquisitions

providing investors with the necessary tools to maximize asset value and increase return on investment through a wide array of financial assistance and representation services, either throughout the entire evaluation, negotiation and acquisition process or on transaction basis.